With great anticipation I always look at
the dessert menu first for something
chocolaty. Then I decide whether to
save room or just skip dinner altogether!
Unfortunately, most of the chocolate
desserts sound delicious, look mouth
watering and taste only faintly like
Imagine a place with an all chocolate
dessert menu serving only the very
richest of chocolate desserts in a
romantic atmosphere and soft music.
Your heart beats faster as the chocolate
approaches your taste buds.  And then,
totally captivated and amazed by how
rich chocolate can be...you pause...to relish every moment.  Love Chocolate Café has truly been designed---
for me - a chocolate lover. And I use only the freshest premium ingredients. If this was someone else's café I
would be their best customer. Come to think of it I am my best customer. Not a day goes by that I don't eat
chocolate. It is hard to decide which dessert to have and many times I have two desserts with cookies in
between. And just writing about it makes it hard to say cho...cho...chocolate.
"Of course I'll spend the
evening with you dear. I
finished my chocolates an
hour ago."